Interface ICellEditDialog

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDialogCellEditor, CellEditDialog, FileDialogCellEditor, TickUpdateCellEditDialog

public interface ICellEditDialog
Interface for dialogs that can be used as editing dialogs in NatTable.
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    • getCommittedValue

      Object getCommittedValue()
      The canonical value that was committed to the editor control.
    • getEditType

      EditTypeEnum getEditType()
      The edit type that has impact on how the set value will be updated to the data model. By default EditTypeEnum.SET is returned, which will simply set the committed value to the data model. Every other edit type will do some calculation based on the committed value and the current value in the data model.
    • calculateValue

      Object calculateValue(Object currentValue, Object processValue)
      In case getEditType() returns an edit type for processing values, this method should implemented to do that transformation.
      currentValue - The current value for the cell before data model update
      processValue - The value committed to the editor that should be used for calculation on the current value.
      The value that should be used to update the data model.
    • open

      int open()
      Opens this dialog, creating it first if it has not yet been created.

      Specified in here for convenience so we only need to check against this interface for a dialog.

      the return code
    • setDialogSettings

      void setDialogSettings(Map<String,Object> editDialogSettings)
      Allows to customize the appearance of the dialog. This method will be called by the framework at creation time of the dialog via the CellEditDialogFactory.

      The map containing the settings can be registered to the IConfigRegistry for the key EditConfigAttributes.EDIT_DIALOG_SETTINGS . The keys that are valid for this map are specified below.

      editDialogSettings - Map containing the settings to customize the edit dialog appearance.
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