Class LoggingErrorHandling

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public class LoggingErrorHandling extends AbstractEditErrorHandler
Error handling strategy that simply writes conversion/validation errors to the log.
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      public void displayError(ICellEditor cellEditor, Exception e)
      If an error occurs on conversion/validation of data, this method will be called for showing that error to the user. Usually the message contained within the given Exception will be shown to the user.

      This implementation will call its underlying IEditErrorHandler. After the error is handled by its underlying IEditErrorHandler, the error will be logged as a warning.

      Specified by:
      displayError in interface IEditErrorHandler
      displayError in class AbstractEditErrorHandler
      cellEditor - The ICellEditor on which the conversion/validation error occurred. Needed to add error styling or special handling.
      e - The Exception that contains information about the conversion/validation error. Used to show a more detailed description on the error to the user.