Class DefaultEditBindings

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public class DefaultEditBindings extends AbstractUiBindingConfiguration
Default configuration for edit related bindings. Adds bindings that support opening cell editors via keypress and mouse click.

By default GridRegion.BODY is used for the matchers to evaluate if an editor should be activated. By doing this only the editing in the body layer stack of a grid is enabled.

Note: For typical ICellEditors there is no special registering necessary like it was previous to 1.0.0. Only ICellEditors that return false for ICellEditor.activateAtAnyPosition() need to register a custom IMouseEventMatcher to determine whether to activate the editor or not, regarding the correct position. This is for example necessary for the CheckboxCellEditor that is configured with the corresponding CheckBoxPainter, so the editor is only activated if the checkbox item is clicked, not any other position in the cell.

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    • DefaultEditBindings

      public DefaultEditBindings()
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    • configureUiBindings

      public void configureUiBindings(UiBindingRegistry uiBindingRegistry)
      Description copied from interface: IConfiguration
      Configure NatTable's UiBindingRegistry upon receiving this callback. A mechanism to customize key/mouse bindings.
      uiBindingRegistry - The UiBindingRegistry instance to register ui bindings to.