Class UpdateDataCommand

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public class UpdateDataCommand extends AbstractPositionCommand
Command that will trigger a data model update.
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    • UpdateDataCommand

      public UpdateDataCommand(ILayer layer, int columnPosition, int rowPosition, Object newValue)
      Create a new UpdateDataCommand based on the specified information.
      layer - The ILayer to which the columnPosition and rowPosition are resolved to. This is needed to support conversion of column and row positions from this layer to NatTable coordinates, which may be different e.g. in case of grid composition.
      columnPosition - The column position of the value to update.
      rowPosition - The row position of the value to update.
      newValue - The value to update the data model value to.
    • UpdateDataCommand

      protected UpdateDataCommand(UpdateDataCommand command)
      Create a new UpdateDataCommand based on the specified instance. Mainly needed for cloning purposes.
      command - The command to create a new instance from.
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