Class DialogEditHandler

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public class DialogEditHandler extends Object implements ICellEditHandler
ICellEditHandler implementation for editing within a dialog. It will simply store the committed value so it can be propagated to the data model by the caller of the dialog.

Note: On using this handler you are forced to call the UpdateDataCommand or any other action to update the data model yourself!

  • Constructor Details

    • DialogEditHandler

      public DialogEditHandler()
  • Method Details

    • commit

      public boolean commit(Object canonicalValue, SelectionLayer.MoveDirectionEnum direction)
      This implementation will simply store the committed value in this handler. This way the caller of the dialog that uses this handler is able to update the data model and handle the selection itself.

      This implementation always returns true leaving the editor in control if it should be closed after commit. The behaviour is mainly different in terms of where the editor is opened, inline or in a subdialog. But as it is also related to the editor itself, e.g. a text editor will remain visible while a NatCombo will disappear after commit, the editor itself needs to take care of the closing.

      Specified by:
      commit in interface ICellEditHandler
      canonicalValue - The value to commit.
      direction - The direction to move the selection after commit.
      true if the data update succeeded, false if something went wrong
    • getCommittedValue

      public Object getCommittedValue()
      The value that should be used to update the data model.