public class RowGroupDataFixture extends Object
Duplicated from the RowDataListFixture as the overriden hashcode and equals in the RowDataFixture doesn't play nicely with hashmaps used in the RowGroupModel.
stefan bolton
  • Field Details

    • security_id

      public String security_id
    • security_description

      public String security_description
    • rating

      public String rating
    • issue_date

      public Date issue_date
    • pricing_type

      public PricingTypeBean pricing_type
    • bid_price

      public double bid_price
    • ask_price

      public double ask_price
    • lot_size

      public int lot_size
    • publish_flag

      public boolean publish_flag
    • high52Week

      public double high52Week
    • low52Week

      public double low52Week
    • eps

      public double eps
    • volume

      public double volume
    • marketCap

      public double marketCap
    • institutionOwned

      public double institutionOwned
    • field20

      public String field20
    • field21

      public String field21
    • field22

      public String field22
    • field23

      public String field23
    • field24

      public String field24
    • field25

      public String field25
    • field26

      public String field26
    • field27

      public String field27
    • field28

      public String field28
    • field29

      public String field29
    • field30

      public String field30
    • field31

      public boolean field31
    • field32

      public boolean field32
    • field33

      public Date field33
    • field34

      public Date field34
    • field35

      public double field35
    • field36

      public double field36
    • field37

      public double field37
    • field38

      public double field38
    • field39

      public double field39
    • field40

      public double field40
  • Constructor Details

    • RowGroupDataFixture

      public RowGroupDataFixture(String security_id, String security_description, String rating, Date issue_date, PricingTypeBean pricing_type, double bid_price, double ask_price, int lot_size, boolean publish_flag, double high52Week, double low52Week, double eps, double volume, double marketCap, double institutionOwned)
  • Method Details

    • getInstance

      public static RowGroupDataFixture getInstance(String description, String rating)
      Convenience method to quickly get a new instance
      description - The description.
      rating - The rating.
      A new RowGroupDataFixture instance.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • getSecurity_id

      public String getSecurity_id()
    • setSecurity_id

      public void setSecurity_id(String security_id)
    • getSecurity_description

      public String getSecurity_description()
    • setSecurity_description

      public void setSecurity_description(String security_description)
    • getRating

      public String getRating()
    • setRating

      public void setRating(String rating)
    • getIssue_date

      public Date getIssue_date()
    • setIssue_date

      public void setIssue_date(Date issue_date)
    • getPricing_type

      public PricingTypeBean getPricing_type()
    • setPricing_type

      public void setPricing_type(PricingTypeBean pricing_type)
    • getBid_price

      public double getBid_price()
    • setBid_price

      public void setBid_price(double bid_price)
    • getAsk_price

      public double getAsk_price()
    • setAsk_price

      public void setAsk_price(double ask_price)
    • getLot_size

      public int getLot_size()
    • setLot_size

      public void setLot_size(int lot_size)
    • isPublish_flag

      public boolean isPublish_flag()
    • setPublish_flag

      public void setPublish_flag(boolean publish_flag)
    • getSpread

      public double getSpread()
    • getHigh52Week

      public double getHigh52Week()
    • setHigh52Week

      public void setHigh52Week(double high52Week)
    • getLow52Week

      public double getLow52Week()
    • setLow52Week

      public void setLow52Week(double low52Week)
    • getEps

      public double getEps()
    • setEps

      public void setEps(double eps)
    • getVolume

      public double getVolume()
    • setVolume

      public void setVolume(double volume)
    • getMarketCap

      public double getMarketCap()
    • setMarketCap

      public void setMarketCap(double marketCap)
    • getInstitutionOwned

      public double getInstitutionOwned()
    • setInstitutionOwned

      public void setInstitutionOwned(double institutionOwned)
    • getField20

      public String getField20()
    • setField20

      public void setField20(String field20)
    • getField21

      public String getField21()
    • setField21

      public void setField21(String field21)
    • getField22

      public String getField22()
    • setField22

      public void setField22(String field22)
    • getField23

      public String getField23()
    • setField23

      public void setField23(String field23)
    • getField24

      public String getField24()
    • setField24

      public void setField24(String field24)
    • getField25

      public String getField25()
    • setField25

      public void setField25(String field25)
    • getField26

      public String getField26()
    • setField26

      public void setField26(String field26)
    • getField27

      public String getField27()
    • setField27

      public void setField27(String field27)
    • getField28

      public String getField28()
    • setField28

      public void setField28(String field28)
    • getField29

      public String getField29()
    • setField29

      public void setField29(String field29)
    • getField30

      public String getField30()
    • setField30

      public void setField30(String field30)
    • isField31

      public boolean isField31()
    • setField31

      public void setField31(boolean field31)
    • isField32

      public boolean isField32()
    • setField32

      public void setField32(boolean field32)
    • getField33

      public Date getField33()
    • setField33

      public void setField33(Date field33)
    • getField34

      public Date getField34()
    • setField34

      public void setField34(Date field34)
    • getField35

      public double getField35()
    • setField35

      public void setField35(double field35)
    • getField36

      public double getField36()
    • setField36

      public void setField36(double field36)
    • getField37

      public double getField37()
    • setField37

      public void setField37(double field37)
    • getField38

      public double getField38()
    • setField38

      public void setField38(double field38)
    • getField39

      public double getField39()
    • setField39

      public void setField39(double field39)
    • getField40

      public double getField40()
    • setField40

      public void setField40(double field40)