Class AbstractDataChangeHandler<T extends DataChange>

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Direct Known Subclasses:
RowDeleteDataChangeHandler, RowInsertDataChangeHandler, UpdateDataChangeHandler

public abstract class AbstractDataChangeHandler<T extends DataChange> extends Object implements DataChangeHandler
Abstract implementation of DataChangeHandler to handle data updates.
  • Field Details

    • layer

      protected final DataChangeLayer layer
      The DataChangeLayer this handler is assigned to.
    • keyHandler

      protected final CellKeyHandler keyHandler
      The CellKeyHandler that is used to store dataChanges for a specific key.
    • dataChanges

      protected final Map<Object,T extends DataChange> dataChanges
      Collection of modified identifiers according to the used CellKeyHandler and corresponding DataChanges that are collected in this handler.
    • handleDataUpdate

      protected boolean handleDataUpdate
      Flag that is used to temporarily disable event handling. Used to not handle DataUpdateEvents on discard.
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractDataChangeHandler

      public AbstractDataChangeHandler(DataChangeLayer layer, CellKeyHandler<?> keyHandler, Map<Object,T> dataChanges)
      layer - The DataChangeLayer this handler should be assigned to.
      keyHandler - The CellKeyHandler that is used to store data changes for a specific key.
      dataChanges - The map to track the data changes locally.
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