Class ColumnGroupEntry


public class ColumnGroupEntry extends Object
Object representation of a column group in the SWT tree.

Note: This is set as the SWT data on the TreeItem.

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    • ColumnGroupEntry

      public ColumnGroupEntry(String label, Integer firstElementPosition, Integer firstElementIndex, boolean collapsed)
      Creates a ColumnGroupEntry for the old column grouping mechanism.
      label - The label to be shown in the tree.
      firstElementPosition - The position of the first item in the group.
      firstElementIndex - The index of the first item in the group.
      collapsed - true if the group should be shown collapsed, false if not.
    • ColumnGroupEntry

      public ColumnGroupEntry(GroupModel.Group group)
      Creates a ColumnGroupEntry for the new performance column grouping, using the Group object as underlying data reference.
      group - The GroupModel.Group that should be wrapped.
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