Package org.eclipse.uml2.uml.util

Class Summary
UMLAdapterFactory The Adapter Factory for the model.
UMLDerivedUnionAdapter An adapter that propagates notifications for derived unions
UMLSwitch<T> The Switch for the model's inheritance hierarchy.
UMLUtil Utilities for working with UML elements and resources.
UMLUtil.Ecore2UMLConverter A converter that converts Ecore model elements to representative UML elements.
UMLUtil.PackageMerger A copier that merges the contents of packages involved in package merge relationships based on the rules defined in the UML specification.
UMLUtil.Profile2EPackageConverter A converter that converts UML profiles to representative Ecore packages.
UMLUtil.ProfileApplicationHelper The ProfileApplicationHelper can be overridden to change the way packages are traversed when looking for profile applications relevant to an element in a given package.
UMLUtil.QualifiedTextProvider A qualified text provider that uses names of named elements as qualified text segments and :: as a separator.
UMLUtil.StereotypeApplicationHelper The StereotypeApplicationHelper can be overridden to change the default location of applied stereotypes.
UMLUtil.TemplateExpander A specialized copier that "expands" the bindings of templates modeled by TemplateableElements to apply the bindings' parameter substitutions within a bound element.
UMLUtil.UML2EcoreConverter A converter that converts UML elements to representative Ecore model elements.
UMLValidator The Validator for the model

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