Package org.eclipse.ocl.examples.xtext.base.utilities

Interface Summary
BaseCSResource BaseResource defines the Xtext-dependent extended interface for a Concrete Syntax resource.

Class Summary
BasePlugin This is the central singleton for the Pivot model plugin.
BasePlugin.Implementation The actual implementation of the Eclipse Plugin.
CS2PivotLinker CS2PivotLinker ensures that the CS 2 Pivot mappings are refreshed after and CS Resource modification is committed.
CS2PivotResourceAdapter A CS2PivotResourceAdapter enhances the Resource for a Concrete Syntax model to support synchronization with a Pivot model representation.
CSI2PivotMapping The CSI2PivotMapping maintains the mapping between CS elements or rather their CSIs that remain stable after recreation and the Pivot elements.
NoEObjectCompositeEValidator Deprecated.
PivotResourceValidator PivotResourceValidator extends CS Resource validation to the referenced Pivot resources and attempts to indicate Pivot validation problems in the appropriate CS context.

Exception Summary