Package org.eclipse.ocl.examples.pivot.scoping

Interface Summary
Attribution An Attribution provides a helper to assist in evaluating the inheriteed or synthesized attributes of a type.
ScopeFilter A ScopeFilter is initially used to reject unwanted name contributions from a scope and once all candidate names have been identified, is used again to select a best match from ambiguous contributions.
ScopeView A ScopeView identifies the context of the current lookup; which is the node in which a lookup is being performed, the child node by which the lookup is requested and the EReference of the location where the result will be used.

Class Summary
AbstractAttribution Ann AbstractAttribution provides the basic behaviour for a family of derived classes that provide additional scope/environment behaviour for corresponding CS elements.
EnvironmentView An EnvironmentView provides a selective view of the environment visible at some CS node.
PivotScopeView ScopeViews support access to some or all of the elements in a scope.