Package org.eclipse.ocl.examples.common.label

Interface Summary
ILabelGenerator<T> ILabelGenerator provides an extensible capability to derive a customized text string for an object.
ILabelGenerator.Builder An ILabelGenerator.Builder (typically realised by a StringBuilder) builds the generated label.
ILabelGenerator.Descriptor An ILabelGenerator.Descriptor may be used by the ILabelGenerator.Registry to defer loading of the labelled class until an instance needs a label.
ILabelGenerator.Option<T> An ILabelGenerator.Builder may have options with an associated typed value.
ILabelGenerator.Registry An ILabelGenerator.Registry maintains a mapping from the class name to be labelled and the label generator that can build its label.
ILabelGenerator.Self Self defines the interface of an object able to label itself.

Class Summary
AbstractLabelGeneratorBuilder AbstractLabelGeneratorBuilder builds the formatted description on behalf of a ILabelGenerator.Builder.
DefaultLabelGeneratorBuilder DefaultLabelGeneratorBuilder builds the label on behalf of a ILabelGenerator.Registry using a StringBuilder.
Label Label is a facade for the ILabelGenerator extensible label generators.
LabelGeneratorRegistry DebugString supports generation of debug identification of objects, determining a name usuing the following alternatives.