Class IfPlaces

  extended by org.eclipse.ocl.examples.codegen.cse.IfPlaces

public class IfPlaces
extends java.lang.Object

IfPlaces manages a ThenPlace and an ElsePlace for the then and else forests of CG trees for an IF expression.

They support hoisting a CSE that appears on both then and else arms of an expression.

Nested Class Summary
static class IfPlaces.ElsePlace
          An ElsePlace describes the else forest of CG trees for an IF expression.
static class IfPlaces.ThenPlace
          A ThenPlace describes the then forest of CG trees for an IF expression.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static LocalPlace createIfPlaces(java.util.Map<CGElement,AbstractPlace> element2place, CGIfExp cgIfExp)
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Constructor Detail


public IfPlaces()
Method Detail


public static LocalPlace createIfPlaces(@NonNull
                                                java.util.Map<CGElement,AbstractPlace> element2place,
                                                CGIfExp cgIfExp)