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Packages that use IValidator
org.eclipse.emf.validation.service The semi-public (internal-public) package defining the API for invocation of the validation engine and for the implementation of constraint providers. 

Uses of IValidator in org.eclipse.emf.validation.service

Subinterfaces of IValidator in org.eclipse.emf.validation.service
 interface IBatchValidator
           An IValidator that supports batch-mode validation of EObjects.
 interface ILiveValidator
           An IValidator that supports live-mode validation of Notifications.

Methods in org.eclipse.emf.validation.service with type parameters of type IValidator
<T,V extends IValidator<T>>
ModelValidationService.newValidator(EvaluationMode<T> mode)
           Creates a new validator object that the client can use to validate EMF objects, notifications, or features, according to the value of the specified evaluation mode.

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