Package org.eclipse.emf.workspace.impl

Implementation of the workbench editing domain API.


Class Summary
EMFOperationTransaction A specialized transaction implementation that knows the EMFCommandOperation that it supports.
NonEMFTransaction A transaction encapsulating non-EMF changes (as represented by an unoable operation).
WorkspaceCommandStackImpl Implementation of a transactional command stack that delegates execution of commands to an IOperationHistory.

Package org.eclipse.emf.workspace.impl Description

Implementation of the workbench editing domain API.

Package Specification

This package provides an implementation of the TransactionalEditingDomain API for integration with the Eclipse workbench.

Note that the types in this package are intended only for use by clients extending the EMF Workbench Integration API. Clients using it should only use the API defined by the org.eclipse.emf.transaction and org.eclipse.emf.workspace packages.

See Also:
org.eclipse.emf.transaction, org.eclipse.emf.workspace

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