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Packages that use ResourceSetListener.Internal
org.eclipse.emf.transaction Definition of the API for a transactional editing domain. 

Uses of ResourceSetListener.Internal in org.eclipse.emf.transaction

Classes in org.eclipse.emf.transaction that implement ResourceSetListener.Internal
 class DemultiplexingListener
          A convenient superclass for post-commit listeners to process Notifications one at a time.
 class ResourceSetListenerImpl
          Default implementation of a resource-set listener, useful for extending to implement only the callbacks of interest to the client.
 class TriggerListener
          A convenient superclass for listeners that implement "triggers" to process Notifications one at a time, generating a command for each that will make dependent updates to the model.

Uses of ResourceSetListener.Internal in org.eclipse.emf.workspace.examples.extlibrary.presentation

Classes in org.eclipse.emf.workspace.examples.extlibrary.presentation that implement ResourceSetListener.Internal
 class ResourceLoadedListener
          Listens for the loading of resources, and creates editors on them when they load.

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