Package org.eclipse.emf.query.conditions.eobjects

EMF Query Conditions EObjects.


Interface Summary
IEObjectSource An interface the represents an EObject source/supplier.

Class Summary
ENot An EObjectCondition that negates the result of evaluation of another EObjectCondition.
EObjectCondition A subclass and the counterpart of a Condition object to be used on EObject arguments.
EObjectConditionAdapter This is an adapter class that takes in a Condition object and wraps it in order to adapt it to an EObjectCondition.
EObjectConditionDelegator A utility EObjectCondition class to act as a place holder for another EObjectCondition condition object where all the calls to it is simply forwarded to the wrapped EObjectCondition.
EObjectInstanceCondition A EObjectCondition that tests whether the argument eObject instance equals a given eObject.
EObjectSource This class represents a simple implementation of IEObjectSource that is constructed with one EObject or a collection of EObjects.
EObjectTypeRelationCondition An EObjectCondition specialization to be used for evaluating the inheritance/type relationship of an EObject to another using the EObjects' EClasses.
IN An EObjectCondition specialization used to test whether a given EObject is present in a collection of EObjects

Enum Summary
TypeRelation An enumerator for the kinds of relationships between EClasses/types.

Package org.eclipse.emf.query.conditions.eobjects Description

EMF Query Conditions EObjects.

Package Specification

This package exposes the basic EObject based Condition objects that are used to formulate queries for EMF models.

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