Package org.eclipse.emf.ecore

Provides an API for the Ecore dialect of UML.

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Package org.eclipse.emf.ecore Description

Provides an API for the Ecore dialect of UML.

Ecore Components

The Ecore components are related according to this hierarchy:

Diagram of the Ecore Component Hierarchy

The Ecore Components have the following relations, attributes, and operations:

Diagram of the Ecore Components Relations, Attributes, and Operations


All participants in the Ecore Modeling Framework implement the EObject's interface:

Diagram of EObject Operations

Java Language Types

Ecore defines the data types for the following Java language types:

Diagram of the Java Language Types

External Types

Ecore defines following additional data types:

Diagram of the External Types


Ecore supports generics as follows:

Diagram of the Generics