Package org.eclipse.emf.common.util

Provides basic utilities.


Interface Summary
BasicEMap.Entry<K,V> An extended implementation interface for caching hash values and for updating an entry that may be manufactured as a uninitialized instance by a factory.
Diagnostic Information about the outcome of some activity.
DiagnosticChain An accumulator of diagnostics.
EList<E> A list that supports move.
EMap<K,V> A list of java.util.Map.Entry instances, i.e., entries, that supports a view as well as the full Map API, with the notable exception of Map.remove(Object).
EMap.InternalMapView<K,V> An internal interface implemented by the map view.
Enumerator An interface implemented by the enumerators of a type-safe enum.
Logger A logger of log entries.
Monitor An task monitor that provides control and feedback.
Reflect.Helper An interface implemented by reflective helpers.
ResourceLocator A locator of Java resources.
TreeIterator<E> A mechanism for iterating over all the nodes of a tree; it provides the capability to prune the iteration so that all descendants of a particular node are skipped.

Class Summary
AbstractEList<E> A highly extensible abstract list implementation.
AbstractEnumerator An extensible enumerator implementation.
AbstractTreeIterator<E> An extensible tree iterator implementation that iterates over an object, it's children, their children, and so on.
ArrayDelegatingEList<E> A highly extensible abstract list implementation logically backed by an array that is never modified.
BasicDiagnostic A basic implementation of a diagnostic that that also acts as a chain.
BasicEList<E> A highly extensible list implementation.
BasicEList.FastCompare<E> A BasicEList that uses == instead of equals to compare members.
BasicEList.UnmodifiableEList<E> An unmodifiable version of BasicEList.
BasicEMap<K,V> A highly extensible map implementation.
BasicEMap.View<K,V> An implementation class to hold the views.
BasicMonitor The most basic implementation of a task monitor.
BasicMonitor.Delegating A simple monitor that delegates to another monitor.
BasicMonitor.EclipseSubProgress An Eclipse subprogress monitor that directly implements the monitor API.
BasicMonitor.Printing A simple monitor that prints progress to a print stream.
DelegatingEList<E> A highly extensible delegating list implementation.
DelegatingEList.UnmodifiableEList<E> An unmodifiable version of DelegatingEList.
DelegatingResourceLocator An abstract resource locator implementation comprising a primary locator and a series delegate locators.
ECollections Support for empty and unmodifiable ELists.
Reflect A utility class for helping implement reflective capabilities not available with Google Widget Toolkit, i.e., specifically the ability to instance test and to create typed arrays.
UniqueEList<E> A BasicEList that allows only unique elements.
UniqueEList.FastCompare<E> A UniqueEList that uses == instead of equals to compare members.
URI A representation of a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), as specified by RFC 2396, with certain enhancements.

Exception Summary
AbstractEList.BasicIndexOutOfBoundsException An IndexOutOfBoundsException that constructs a message from the argument data.
BasicEList.BasicIndexOutOfBoundsException An IndexOutOfBoundsException that constructs a message from the argument data.
DiagnosticException A checked exception representing a diagnosed failure.
WrappedException A runtime exception that wraps another exception.

Package org.eclipse.emf.common.util Description

Provides basic utilities.

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