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org.eclipse.emf.common.command Provides a framework for implementing and composing commands. 
org.eclipse.emf.edit.command This provides a framework for implementing and composing Commands as well as implementations of all primitive EMF commands.

Uses of CompoundCommand in org.eclipse.emf.common.command

Subclasses of CompoundCommand in org.eclipse.emf.common.command
 class StrictCompoundCommand
          A composite command which assumes that later commands in the list may depend on the results and side-effects of earlier commands in the list.

Uses of CompoundCommand in org.eclipse.emf.edit.command

Subclasses of CompoundCommand in org.eclipse.emf.edit.command
 class CopyCommand
          The copy command logically acts upon an owner object or collection or owner objects and copies the tree structured implied by the MOF containment hierarchy.
 class DeleteCommand
          This removes an object from its parent and, if that leaves the object orphaned from any resource, i.e. in the usual case where its parent was its container, additionally deletes all other references to it from within the editing domain.
protected static class SetCommand.PessimisticStrictCompoundCommand

Methods in org.eclipse.emf.edit.command with parameters of type CompoundCommand
protected  void CopyCommand.addCreateCopyCommands(CompoundCommand compoundCommand, EObject object)

Uses of CompoundCommand in org.eclipse.emf.mapping.action

Subclasses of CompoundCommand in org.eclipse.emf.mapping.action
static class NameMatchMappingAction.DelegateCommand
static class TypeMatchMappingAction.DelegateCommand

Uses of CompoundCommand in org.eclipse.emf.mapping.command

Subclasses of CompoundCommand in org.eclipse.emf.mapping.command
 class MatchMappingCommand
 class NameMatchMappingCommand
 class TypeMatchMappingCommand

Methods in org.eclipse.emf.mapping.command with parameters of type CompoundCommand
protected  void AddOverrideCommand.mapOutputObject(java.lang.Object outputObject, java.lang.Object originatingInput, CompoundCommand subcommands)

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