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Uses of JETReader in org.eclipse.emf.codegen.jet

Fields in org.eclipse.emf.codegen.jet declared as JETReader
protected  JETReader JETCompiler.reader
protected  JETReader JETParser.reader
          The input source we read from...
protected  JETReader JETMark.reader
          This is the reader that owns this mark.

Methods in org.eclipse.emf.codegen.jet that return JETReader
 JETReader JETParser.getReader()

Methods in org.eclipse.emf.codegen.jet with parameters of type JETReader
 boolean JETCoreElement.accept(JETParseEventListener listener, JETReader reader, JETParser parser)
          Return true if the input contained the sequence that matched the action corresponding to this core tag.
 boolean JETParser.Scriptlet.accept(JETParseEventListener listener, JETReader reader, JETParser parser)
 boolean JETParser.Expression.accept(JETParseEventListener listener, JETReader reader, JETParser parser)
 boolean JETParser.QuoteEscape.accept(JETParseEventListener listener, JETReader reader, JETParser parser)
 boolean JETParser.Directive.accept(JETParseEventListener listener, JETReader reader, JETParser parser)

Constructors in org.eclipse.emf.codegen.jet with parameters of type JETReader
JETParser(JETReader reader, JETParseEventListener parseEventListener, JETCoreElement[] coreElements)

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