Class NotificationChainImpl

  extended by java.util.AbstractCollection<E>
      extended by java.util.AbstractList<E>
          extended by org.eclipse.emf.common.util.AbstractEList<E>
              extended by org.eclipse.emf.common.util.BasicEList<Notification>
                  extended by org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.impl.NotificationChainImpl
All Implemented Interfaces:, java.lang.Cloneable, java.lang.Iterable<Notification>, java.util.Collection<Notification>, java.util.List<Notification>, java.util.RandomAccess, NotificationChain, EList<Notification>

public class NotificationChainImpl
extends BasicEList<Notification>
implements NotificationChain

A list that acts as a notification chain.

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Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class org.eclipse.emf.common.util.BasicEList
BasicEList.BasicIndexOutOfBoundsException, BasicEList.EIterator<E1>, BasicEList.EListIterator<E1>, BasicEList.FastCompare<E>, BasicEList.NonResolvingEIterator<E1>, BasicEList.NonResolvingEListIterator<E1>, BasicEList.UnmodifiableEList<E>
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.eclipse.emf.common.util.BasicEList
data, size
Fields inherited from class java.util.AbstractList
Constructor Summary
          Creates an empty instance.
NotificationChainImpl(int initialCapacity)
          Creates an empty instance with a given capacity.
Method Summary
 boolean add(Notification newNotification)
          Adds or merges a new notification.
 void dispatch()
          Dispatches each notification to the appropriate notifier via Notifier.eNotify.
protected  void dispatch(Notification notification)
          Dispatches the notification to its notifier.
protected  java.lang.Object[] newData(int capacity)
          Returns new data storage of type Notification[].
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addAllUnique, addAllUnique, addAllUnique, addAllUnique, addUnique, addUnique, assign, basicGet, basicList, clear, clone, contains, data, get, grow, indexOf, isEmpty, lastIndexOf, move, primitiveGet, remove, setData, setUnique, shrink, size, toArray, toArray
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removeRange, subList
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finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait
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containsAll, subList

Constructor Detail


public NotificationChainImpl()
Creates an empty instance.


public NotificationChainImpl(int initialCapacity)
Creates an empty instance with a given capacity.

initialCapacity - the initial capacity of the list before it must grow.
Method Detail


protected java.lang.Object[] newData(int capacity)
Returns new data storage of type Notification[].

newData in class BasicEList<Notification>
new data storage.


public boolean add(Notification newNotification)
Adds or merges a new notification.

Specified by:
add in interface java.util.Collection<Notification>
Specified by:
add in interface java.util.List<Notification>
Specified by:
add in interface NotificationChain
add in class AbstractEList<Notification>
newNotification - a notification.
true when the notification is added and false when it is merged.
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public void dispatch()
Description copied from interface: NotificationChain
Dispatches each notification to the appropriate notifier via Notifier.eNotify.

Specified by:
dispatch in interface NotificationChain


protected void dispatch(Notification notification)
Dispatches the notification to its notifier.

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