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org.eclipse.emf.edit.ui.action This provides a reusable implementation of an IAction that delegates to a CommandActionDelegate, which is usually also a Command 

Uses of CommandActionHandler in org.eclipse.emf.codegen.ecore.genmodel.presentation

Subclasses of CommandActionHandler in org.eclipse.emf.codegen.ecore.genmodel.presentation
protected  class GenModelActionBarContributor.CreateAction

Uses of CommandActionHandler in org.eclipse.emf.edit.ui.action

Subclasses of CommandActionHandler in org.eclipse.emf.edit.ui.action
 class ControlAction
          A control action moves a contained object into a new resource or restores it to its containers' resource.
 class CopyAction
          A copy action is implemented by creating a CopyToClipboardCommand.
 class CutAction
          A cut action is implemented by creating a CutToClipboardCommand.
 class DeleteAction
          A delete action removes objects from their parent containers, optionally cleaning up other references to the objects.
 class PasteAction
          A paste action is implemented by creating a PasteFromClipboardCommand.

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