Interface Summary
JAbstractType Base interface for JType, JEnum, JAnnotationType.
JAnnotation Annotation as defined by JLS3 9.7.
JAnnotationType Annotation type declaration as defined by JLS3 9.6.
JAnnotationTypeMember Annotation type element in the following format (JLS3 9.6): AbstractMethodModifiersopt Type Identifier ( ) DefaultValueopt ;
JCompilationUnit Represents an entire Java compilation unit (.java source file).
JEnum Enumeration declaration as described in JLS3 8.9.
JEnumConstant Enum constant as described in JLS3 8.9.
JField Represents a field declaration.
JImport Represents an import declaration in Java compilation unit.
JInitializer Represents an initializer.
JMember An JMember defines functionality common to nodes, which can be members of types.
JMethod Represents a method declaration.
JNode Represents an entire Java compilation unit (.java source file).
JPackage Represents a package declaration.
JType Represents a source type in a compilation unit, either as a top-level type or a member type.
NodeConverter Converts one node to another node type.

Class Summary
FacadeFlags Utility class for decoding modifier flags in Java elements.

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