Interface JMember

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
JAbstractType, JAnnotationType, JAnnotationTypeMember, JEnum, JEnumConstant, JField, JInitializer, JMethod, JType
All Known Implementing Classes:
ASTJAbstractType, ASTJAnnotationType, ASTJAnnotationTypeMember, ASTJEnum, ASTJEnumConstant, ASTJField, ASTJInitializer, ASTJMember, ASTJMethod, ASTJType, JDOMJField, JDOMJInitializer, JDOMJMember, JDOMJMethod, JDOMJType

public interface JMember
extends JNode

An JMember defines functionality common to nodes, which can be members of types.

See Also:
JType, JMethod, JField, JInitializer

Method Summary
 java.lang.String getComment()
          Returns the comment associated with this member (including comment delimiters).
 void setComment(java.lang.String comment)
          Sets the comment associated with this member.
Methods inherited from interface
getChildren, getContents, getFlags, getName, getParent, getQualifiedName, setFlags, setName

Method Detail


java.lang.String getComment()
Returns the comment associated with this member (including comment delimiters).

the comment, or null if this member has no associated comment


void setComment(java.lang.String comment)
Sets the comment associated with this member. The comment will appear before the member in the source. The comment must be properly formatted, including delimiters. A null comment indicates no comment.

comment - the comment, including comment delimiters, or null indicating this member should have no associated comment

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