Release Notes for CDO R20230906-0630

These release notes have been generated from the commit log of the 4.x stream and the associated bugzillas.
The first commit is fe4af070a33e13c7ec06e7f1f895e69c502b95f2 in the master branch.
The last commit is 7eac199f9d779a8fbe0a28495847b0560a1ddaab in the master branch.
The previous build of the 4.x stream is R20230606-0205.

Table of Contents

CDO Model Repository (Core)


enhancement [GH-10] Add support for annotation validators and induced user interfaces    closed in 4.24
enhancement [GH-13] Overhaul expression model    closed in 4.24
enhancement [GH-14] Overhaul security model    closed in 4.24
enhancement [GH-4] Add exemplary LM-Support to CDO-Explorer    closed in 4.24
enhancement [GH-5] Add security support to CDO-LM    closed in 4.24

Bug Fixes

normal [GH-16] CDOCompareEditorUtil.handleMerges() modifies already cached CDORevision    closed in 4.24
normal [GH-17] NPE in CDOLockStateCacheImpl.MultiOwnerInfo.ReadLock.removeReadLockOwner()    closed in 4.24

CDO Model Repository (User Interface)


enhancement [GH-11] Reuse element transaction in ObjectDeleteHandler, if possible    closed in 4.24
enhancement [GH-12] Support validation and UI for DBStore annotations in the Ecore editor    closed in 4.24
enhancement [GH-18] Hide "Disconnect" when CDORepository has sessionRefCount != 0    closed in 4.24
enhancement [GH-2] Enhance CDOEditor title updates    closed in 4.24
enhancement [GH-6] Decorate ModelElement annotations with annotation references    closed in 4.24

Net4j Signalling Platform and Utilities


enhancement [GH-15] Make Net4jIntrospectorView more robust against IllegalAccessException    closed in 4.24
enhancement [GH-8] Add more efficient IManagedContainer methods for counting elements    closed in 4.24

Bug Fixes

major [582114] AccessUtil doesn't work for Java 17    resolved-fixed in 4.24

Net4j User Interface


enhancement [GH-9] Add an option to Net4jContainerView that displays all factories    closed in 4.24

The previous build of the 4.x stream is R20230606-0205.