Release Notes for CDO R20221130-2113

These release notes have been generated from the commit log of the 4.x stream and the associated bugzillas.
The first commit is 2e81f0a24562b8939c108a89cbd75779b303248f in the master branch.
The last commit is 698d416234962511636157b838ef30fbe5e81b19 in the master branch.
The previous build of the 4.x stream is R20220907-1207.

Table of Contents

CDO Model Repository (Core)


enhancement [580887] Make send() methods in protocols protected    resolved-fixed in 4.21
enhancement [580888] Introduce CDOProtocolConstants.SIGNAL_USER_OFFSET for protocol extenders    resolved-fixed in 4.21
enhancement [581010] [LM] LM Server should allow Change deletion    resolved-fixed in 4.21

Bug Fixes

normal [580942] Potential string encoding problem in CDOLob    resolved-fixed in 4.21
normal [580943] NPE in CDOCommitInfoManagerImpl.getLastCommitOfBranch()    resolved-fixed in 4.21
normal [580974] ConcurrentModificationException in CDOViewImpl.clearAdapters()    resolved-fixed in 4.21
normal [580991] Outdated lock state when releasing a durable lock    resolved-fixed in 4.21
normal [581070] ReconnectingCDOSessionImpl does not reconnect on ChannelException    resolved-fixed in 4.21

CDO Model Repository (User Interface)


enhancement [581068] [UI] Show CDO Checkouts in Sirius Model Explorer    resolved-fixed in 4.21
enhancement [581080] [UI] Make CheckoutWizard more tolerant against repository connection problems    resolved-fixed in 4.21
enhancement [581081] [UI] Add CheckoutWizard to Eclipse's NewWizards    resolved-fixed in 4.21

Bug Fixes

normal [581112] [UI] CDOEditor fails if the editor's resource disappears on ViewTargetChange    resolved-fixed in 4.21

Net4j Signalling Platform and Utilities


enhancement [580881] Support byte[] and hex string for data in    resolved-fixed in 4.21
enhancement [581079] Make it even easier to fork an Async monitor    resolved-fixed in 4.21

Net4j DB Framework


enhancement [580981] Add catalog parameter for DB meta data queries    resolved-fixed in 4.21
enhancement [581014] [DB] Explicitly specify nullable columns    resolved-fixed in 4.21

The previous build of the 4.x stream is R20220907-1207.