Release Notes for CDO R20220907-1207

These release notes have been generated from the commit log of the 4.x stream and the associated bugzillas.
The first commit is fc7cd4b0e4319c9fd1ccf775df00998758c41109 in the master branch.
The last commit is 2e81f0a24562b8939c108a89cbd75779b303248f in the master branch.
The previous build of the 4.x stream is R20220608-1105.

Table of Contents

CDO Model Repository (Core)


enhancement [580269] Prevent addition of new Adapters while a CDOView is closing and clearing adapters    resolved-fixed in 4.20
enhancement [580271] Let CDOTransaction fire CDOTransactionConflictRemovedEvents    resolved-fixed in 4.20
enhancement [580275] CDOObject should support custom LifecycleExceptionHandlers    resolved-fixed in 4.20

Bug Fixes

normal [580194] CDOView.getLockStates() returns no results    resolved-fixed in 4.20
normal [580439] Truncated CDOLobs in repository    resolved-fixed in 4.20

CDO Model Repository (Legacy Mode)

Bug Fixes

normal [580354] [Legacy] Ignore attachment if container's notifications are muted    resolved-fixed in 4.20

CDO Model Repository (User Interface)


enhancement [580195] [UI] Add label styling and decoration to CDORemoteTopicsView    resolved-fixed in 4.20
enhancement [580209] [UI] Support the modification of image/text/description of (remote) topics    resolved-fixed in 4.20

CDO Model Repository (JDBC Support)


enhancement [580226] [DB] Make DBStore more resilient against initial connection problems    resolved-fixed in 4.20

CDO Dawn

Bug Fixes

normal [580196] [Dawn] NPEs in Dawn    resolved-fixed in 4.20
normal [580274] [Dawn] Fix NPEs in DawnGMFHandler and DawnDiagramUpdater    resolved-fixed in 4.20

Net4j Signalling Platform and Utilities


enhancement [580181] Use protocol TLS 1.3 with SSL connection    resolved-fixed in 4.20
enhancement [580291] Provide a configurable and declarative Factory implementation    resolved-fixed in 4.20
enhancement [580475] SSLClientConnector should use a buffer pool    resolved-fixed in 4.20

Net4j User Interface


enhancement [580343] Support customizable structure providers for Net4j Introspector view    resolved-fixed in 4.20

The previous build of the 4.x stream is R20220608-1105.