Release Notes for CDO R20220116-1034

These release notes have been generated from the commit log of the 4.x stream and the associated bugzillas.
The first commit is fb150fdff0762682986ea279ec0bd31e384bb77a in the master branch.
The last commit is 6e4a104c36918dcee72862b04b42f05a71ee05a0 in the master branch.
The previous build of the 4.x stream is R20211202-0900.

Table of Contents

CDO Model Repository (Core)


enhancement [544670] Improve resolution of LOB features    resolved-fixed in 4.17
enhancement [577300] Optimize CDOLockState caching    resolved-fixed in 4.16
enhancement [577624] Make CDOLock API more complete    resolved-fixed in 4.17
enhancement [577628] Make write option lock acquisition reentrant    resolved-fixed in 4.17
enhancement [578112] Enhance GenerateModelTask to allow the generation of multiple models    resolved-fixed in 4.17
enhancement [578113] Provide a Branches page for CDOServerBrowser    resolved-fixed in 4.17
enhancement [578131] CDO Explorer's AbstractManager should save properties before activating an element    resolved-fixed in 4.17

Bug Fixes

major [544110] EOFException if several LOBs are committed    resolved-fixed in 4.17
normal [538089] Resource permission does not handle well spaces in resource URI    resolved-worksforme in 4.13
normal [543378] CDOStaleReferencePolicy doesn't resolve generic types correctly    resolved-fixed in 4.17
normal [577669] Database file is locked after performing a CDOTransaction.rollback    resolved-fixed in 4.17
normal [578125] Branches with duplicate or illegal names can be created    resolved-fixed in 4.17

CDO Model Repository (User Interface)


enhancement [544877] [UI] Provide CDO Working Sets to be shown in the Project Explorer    resolved-fixed in 4.17
enhancement [577347] [UI] Make lock timeout configurable via preference page    resolved-fixed in 4.16
enhancement [577636] Offer RevertTo and MergeFrom via DND in history page    resolved-fixed in 4.17
enhancement [578111] [UI] Provide a view that allows to explore Ecore dependencies    resolved-fixed in 4.17

CDO Model Repository (JDBC Support)


enhancement [549452] Observing Db events right after creation not supported currently    resolved-fixed in 4.17

Bug Fixes

normal [562241] [DB] Connection leak when query is cancelled    resolved-fixed in 4.17

Net4j Signalling Platform and Utilities

Bug Fixes

normal [577796] AccessUtil doesn't work for Java 17    resolved-fixed in 4.17

The previous build of the 4.x stream is R20211202-0900.