Release Notes for CDO R20210908-0655

These release notes have been generated from the commit log of the 4.x stream and the associated bugzillas.
The first commit is 5e2963e831d3858282a1145b60aff9c0480ce31d in the master branch.
The last commit is e34e1136ba1c5b5c2fc8d5f586acb23dd5d7857f in the master branch.
The previous build of the 4.x stream is R20210826-0457.

Table of Contents

CDO Model Repository (Core)

Bug Fixes

normal [561684] Credentials and special characters in workspace path cause problems in CDORepositoryImpl    resolved-fixed in 4.15
normal [573658] ReconnectionSession mechanism does not update some items after a reconnection    resolved-fixed in 4.15
normal [574275] NPE as RemoteException during lock state prefetching    resolved-fixed in 4.15
normal [575439] Locked by user objects should not be locally unlocked on commit    resolved-fixed in 4.15

CDO Model Repository (User Interface)

Bug Fixes

normal [573483] Create Branch menu should be enabled only if the branching mode is enabled    resolved-fixed in 4.15

Net4j Signalling Platform and Utilities


enhancement [575477] Remove the Net4j HTTP plugins    resolved-fixed in 4.15

Bug Fixes

normal [574207] Freeze in SSLConnector.handleRead    resolved-fixed in 4.15
normal [575287] Legacy Platform NPE when specifying debug.options    resolved-fixed in 4.15

The previous build of the 4.x stream is R20210826-0457.