Class RawSubStringPattern

  • public class RawSubStringPattern
    extends Object
    Searches text using only substring search.

    Instances are thread-safe. Multiple concurrent threads may perform matches on different character sequences at the same time.

    • Constructor Detail

      • RawSubStringPattern

        public RawSubStringPattern​(String patternText)
        Construct a new substring pattern.
        patternText - text to locate. This should be a literal string, as no meta-characters are supported by this implementation. The string may not be the empty string.
    • Method Detail

      • match

        public int match​(RawCharSequence rcs)
        Match a character sequence against this pattern.
        rcs - the sequence to match. Must not be null but the length of the sequence is permitted to be 0.
        offset within rcs of the first occurrence of this pattern; -1 if this pattern does not appear at any position of rcs.
      • pattern

        public String pattern()
        Get the literal pattern string this instance searches for.
        the pattern string given to our constructor.