Class QuotedString

    • Field Detail

      • GIT_PATH

        public static final QuotedString.GitPathStyle GIT_PATH
        Quoting style that obeys the rules Git applies to file names

        public static final QuotedString GIT_PATH_MINIMAL
        Quoting style that obeys the rules Git applies to file names when core.quotePath = false.
      • BOURNE

        public static final QuotedString.BourneStyle BOURNE
        Quoting style used by the Bourne shell.

        Quotes are unconditionally inserted during quote(String). This protects shell meta-characters like $ or ~ from being recognized as special.

    • Constructor Detail

      • QuotedString

        public QuotedString()
    • Method Detail

      • quote

        public abstract String quote​(String in)
        Quote an input string by the quoting rules.

        If the input string does not require any quoting, the same String reference is returned to the caller.

        Otherwise a quoted string is returned, including the opening and closing quotation marks at the start and end of the string. If the style does not permit raw Unicode characters then the string will first be encoded in UTF-8, with unprintable sequences possibly escaped by the rules.

        in - any non-null Unicode string.
        a quoted string. See above for details.
      • dequote

        public String dequote​(String in)
        Clean a previously quoted input, decoding the result via UTF-8.

        This method must match quote such that:

        is true for any a.
        in - a Unicode string to remove quoting from.
        the cleaned string.
        See Also:
        dequote(byte[], int, int)
      • dequote

        public abstract String dequote​(byte[] in,
                                       int offset,
                                       int end)
        Decode a previously quoted input, scanning a UTF-8 encoded buffer.

        This method must match quote such that:

        is true for any a.

        This method removes any opening/closing quotation marks added by quote(String).

        in - the input buffer to parse.
        offset - first position within in to scan.
        end - one position past in in to scan.
        the cleaned string.