Class EmptyTreeIterator

  • public class EmptyTreeIterator
    extends AbstractTreeIterator
    Iterator over an empty tree (a directory with no files).
    • Constructor Detail

      • EmptyTreeIterator

        public EmptyTreeIterator()
        Create a new iterator with no parent.
      • EmptyTreeIterator

        public EmptyTreeIterator​(AbstractTreeIterator p,
                                 byte[] childPath,
                                 int childPathOffset)
        Create an iterator for a subtree of an existing iterator.

        The caller is responsible for setting up the path of the child iterator.

        p - parent tree iterator.
        childPath - path array to be used by the child iterator. This path must contain the path from the top of the walk to the first child and must end with a '/'.
        childPathOffset - position within childPath where the child can insert its data. The value at childPath[childPathOffset-1] must be '/'.