Class TransportSftp

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AutoCloseable, WalkTransport

    public class TransportSftp
    extends SshTransport
    implements WalkTransport
    Transport over the non-Git aware SFTP (SSH based FTP) protocol.

    The SFTP transport does not require any specialized Git support on the remote (server side) repository. Object files are retrieved directly through secure shell's FTP protocol, making it possible to copy objects from a remote repository that is available over SSH, but whose remote host does not have Git installed.

    Unlike the HTTP variant (see TransportHttp) we rely upon being able to list files in directories, as the SFTP protocol supports this function. By listing files through SFTP we can avoid needing to have current objects/info/packs or info/refs files on the remote repository and access the data directly, much as Git itself would.

    Concurrent pushing over this transport is not supported. Multiple concurrent push operations may cause confusion in the repository state.

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      • openFetch

        public FetchConnection openFetch()
                                  throws TransportException
        Begins a new connection for fetching from the remote repository.

        If the transport has no local repository, the fetch connection can only be used for reading remote refs.

        Specified by:
        openFetch in class Transport
        a fresh connection to fetch from the remote repository.
        TransportException - the remote connection could not be established.