Class TransportGitSsh

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AutoCloseable, PackTransport

    public class TransportGitSsh
    extends SshTransport
    implements PackTransport
    Transport through an SSH tunnel.

    The SSH transport requires the remote side to have Git installed, as the transport logs into the remote system and executes a Git helper program on the remote side to read (or write) the remote repository's files.

    This transport does not support direct SCP style of copying files, as it assumes there are Git specific smarts on the remote side to perform object enumeration, save file modification and hook execution.

    • Method Detail

      • openFetch

        public FetchConnection openFetch()
                                  throws TransportException
        Begins a new connection for fetching from the remote repository.

        If the transport has no local repository, the fetch connection can only be used for reading remote refs.

        Specified by:
        openFetch in class Transport
        a fresh connection to fetch from the remote repository.
        TransportException - the remote connection could not be established.