Class TransportAmazonS3

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AutoCloseable, WalkTransport

    public class TransportAmazonS3
    extends HttpTransport
    implements WalkTransport
    Transport over the non-Git aware Amazon S3 protocol.

    This transport communicates with the Amazon S3 servers (a non-free commercial hosting service that users must subscribe to). Some users may find transport to and from S3 to be a useful backup service.

    The transport does not require any specialized Git support on the remote (server side) repository, as Amazon does not provide any such support. Repository files are retrieved directly through the S3 API, which uses extended HTTP/1.1 semantics. This make it possible to read or write Git data from a remote repository that is stored on S3.

    Unlike the HTTP variant (see TransportHttp) we rely upon being able to list objects in a bucket, as the S3 API supports this function. By listing the bucket contents we can avoid relying on objects/info/packs or info/refs in the remote repository.

    Concurrent pushing over this transport is not supported. Multiple concurrent push operations may cause confusion in the repository state.

    See Also:
    WalkFetchConnection, WalkPushConnection
    • Method Detail

      • openFetch

        public FetchConnection openFetch()
                                  throws TransportException
        Begins a new connection for fetching from the remote repository.

        If the transport has no local repository, the fetch connection can only be used for reading remote refs.

        Specified by:
        openFetch in class Transport
        a fresh connection to fetch from the remote repository.
        TransportException - the remote connection could not be established.
      • close

        public void close()

        Close any resources used by this transport.

        If the remote repository is contacted by a network socket this method must close that network socket, disconnecting the two peers. If the remote repository is actually local (same system) this method must close any open file handles used to read the "remote" repository.

        AutoClosable.close() declares that it throws Exception. Implementers shouldn't throw checked exceptions. This override narrows the signature to prevent them from doing so.

        Specified by:
        close in interface AutoCloseable
        Specified by:
        close in class Transport