Class TestProtocol<C>

  • Type Parameters:
    C - the connection type

    public class TestProtocol<C>
    extends TransportProtocol
    Protocol for transport between manually-specified repositories in tests.

    Remote repositories are registered using register(Object, Repository), after which they can be accessed using the returned URI. As this class provides both the client side (the protocol) and the server side, the caller is responsible for setting up and passing the connection context, whatever form that may take.

    Unlike the other built-in protocols, which are automatically-registered singletons, callers are expected to register/unregister specific protocol instances on demand with Transport.register(TransportProtocol).

    • Constructor Detail

      • TestProtocol

        public TestProtocol​(UploadPackFactory<C> uploadPackFactory,
                            ReceivePackFactory<C> receivePackFactory)
        Constructor for TestProtocol.
        uploadPackFactory - factory for creating UploadPack used by all connections from this protocol instance.
        receivePackFactory - factory for creating ReceivePack used by all connections from this protocol instance.
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()
        Get text name of the protocol suitable for display to a user.
        Specified by:
        getName in class TransportProtocol
        text name of the protocol suitable for display to a user.
      • getSchemes

        public Set<String> getSchemes()
        Get immutable set of schemes supported by this protocol.
        getSchemes in class TransportProtocol
        immutable set of schemes supported by this protocol.
      • open

        public Transport open​(URIish uri,
                              Repository local,
                              String remoteName)
                       throws NotSupportedException,
        Open a Transport instance to the other repository.

        Implementations should avoid making remote connections until an operation on the returned Transport is invoked, however they may fail fast here if they know a connection is impossible, such as when using the local filesystem and the target path does not exist.

        Implementations may access implementation-specific configuration options within local.getConfig() using the remote block named by the remoteName, if the name is non-null.

        Specified by:
        open in class TransportProtocol
        uri - address of the Git repository.
        local - the local repository that will communicate with the other Git repository.
        remoteName - name of the remote, if the remote as configured in local; otherwise null.
        the transport.
        NotSupportedException - this protocol does not support the URI.
        TransportException - the transport cannot open this URI.
      • register

        public URIish register​(C req,
                               Repository remote)
        Register a repository connection over the internal test protocol.
        req - connection context. This instance is reused for all connections made using this protocol; if it is stateful and usable only for one connection, the same repository should be registered multiple times.
        remote - remote repository to connect to.
        a URI that can be used to connect to this repository for both fetch and push.