Class ProgressSpinner

  • public class ProgressSpinner
    extends Object
    A simple spinner connected to an OutputStream.

    This is class is not thread-safe. The update method may only be used from a single thread. Updates are sent only as frequently as update() is invoked by the caller, and are capped at no more than 2 times per second by requiring at least 500 milliseconds between updates.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ProgressSpinner

        public ProgressSpinner​(OutputStream out)
        Initialize a new spinner.
        out - where to send output to.
    • Method Detail

      • beginTask

        public void beginTask​(String title,
                              long delay,
                              TimeUnit delayUnits)
        Begin a time consuming task.
        title - description of the task, suitable for human viewing.
        delay - delay to wait before displaying anything at all.
        delayUnits - unit for delay.
      • update

        public void update()
        Update the spinner if it is showing.
      • endTask

        public void endTask​(String result)
        Denote the current task completed.
        result - text to print after the task's title "$title ... $result".