Class PreReceiveHookChain

    • Method Detail

      • newChain

        public static PreReceiveHook newChain​(List<? extends PreReceiveHook> hooks)
        Create a new hook chaining the given hooks together.
        hooks - hooks to execute, in order.
        a new hook chain of the given hooks.
      • onPreReceive

        public void onPreReceive​(ReceivePack rp,
                                 Collection<ReceiveCommand> commands)
        Invoked just before commands are executed.

        See the class description for how this method can impact execution.

        Specified by:
        onPreReceive in interface PreReceiveHook
        rp - the process handling the current receive. Hooks may obtain details about the destination repository through this handle.
        commands - unmodifiable set of valid commands still pending execution. May be the empty set.