Class NetRC.NetRCEntry

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class NetRC.NetRCEntry
    extends Object
    .netrc file entry
    • Field Detail

      • login

        public String login
        login netrc entry
      • password

        public char[] password
        password netrc entry
      • machine

        public String machine
        machine netrc entry
      • account

        public String account
        account netrc entry
      • macdef

        public String macdef
        macdef netrc entry. Defines a macro. This token functions like the ftp macdef command functions. A macro is defined with the specified name; its contents begins with the next .netrc line and continues until a null line (consecutive new-line characters) is encountered. If a macro named init is defined, it is automatically executed as the last step in the auto-login process.
      • macbody

        public String macbody
        macro script body of macdef entry.
    • Constructor Detail

      • NetRCEntry

        public NetRCEntry()
        Default constructor