Class CredentialItem.YesNoType

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class CredentialItem.YesNoType
    extends CredentialItem
    An item whose value is a boolean choice, presented as Yes/No.
    • Constructor Detail

      • YesNoType

        public YesNoType​(String promptText)
        Initialize a prompt for a single boolean answer.
        promptText - prompt to display to the user alongside of the input field. Should be sufficient text to indicate what to supply for this item.
    • Method Detail

      • clear

        public void clear()
        Description copied from class: CredentialItem
        Clear the stored value, destroying it as much as possible.
        Specified by:
        clear in class CredentialItem
      • getValue

        public boolean getValue()
        the current value
      • setValue

        public void setValue​(boolean newValue)
        Set the new value.
        newValue -