Class ChainingCredentialsProvider

  • public class ChainingCredentialsProvider
    extends CredentialsProvider
    A credentials provider chaining multiple credentials providers
    • Constructor Detail

      • ChainingCredentialsProvider

        public ChainingCredentialsProvider​(CredentialsProvider... providers)
        Create a new chaining credential provider. This provider tries to retrieve credentials from the chained credential providers in the order they are given here. If multiple providers support the requested items and have non-null credentials the first of them will be used.
        providers - credential providers asked for credentials in the order given here
    • Method Detail

      • isInteractive

        public boolean isInteractive()
        Check if the provider is interactive with the end-user. An interactive provider may try to open a dialog box, or prompt for input on the terminal, and will wait for a user response. A non-interactive provider will either populate CredentialItems, or fail.
        Specified by:
        isInteractive in class CredentialsProvider
        true if the provider is interactive with the end-user.