Class SkipRevFilter

  • public class SkipRevFilter
    extends RevFilter
    Filter that includes commits after a configured number are skipped.
    • Method Detail

      • create

        public static RevFilter create​(int skip)
        Create a new skip filter.
        skip - the number of commits to skip
        a new filter
      • include

        public boolean include​(RevWalk walker,
                               RevCommit cmit)
                        throws StopWalkException,
        Determine if the supplied commit should be included in results.
        Specified by:
        include in class RevFilter
        walker - the active walker this filter is being invoked from within.
        cmit - the commit currently being tested. The commit has been parsed and its body is available for inspection only if the filter returns true from RevFilter.requiresCommitBody().
        true to include this commit in the results; false to have this commit be omitted entirely from the results.
        StopWalkException - the filter knows for certain that no additional commits can ever match, and the current commit doesn't match either. The walk is halted and no more results are provided.
        MissingObjectException - an object the filter needs to consult to determine its answer does not exist in the Git repository the walker is operating on. Filtering this commit is impossible without the object.
        IncorrectObjectTypeException - an object the filter needed to consult was not of the expected object type. This usually indicates a corrupt repository, as an object link is referencing the wrong type.
        IOException - a loose object or pack file could not be read to obtain data necessary for the filter to make its decision.
      • clone

        public RevFilter clone()

        Clone this revision filter, including its parameters.

        This is a deep clone. If this filter embeds objects or other filters it must also clone those, to ensure the instances do not share mutable data.

        Specified by:
        clone in class RevFilter