Class CommandRef

  • public class CommandRef
    extends Object
    Description of a command (a TextBuiltin subclass).

    These descriptions are lightweight compared to creating a command instance and are therefore suitable for catalogs of "known" commands without linking the command's implementation and creating a dummy instance of the command.

    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()
        Get the name.
        name the command is invoked as from the command line.
      • getUsage

        public String getUsage()
        Get usage.
        one line description of the command's feature set.
      • isCommon

        public boolean isCommon()
        Is this command commonly used
        true if this command is considered to be commonly used.
      • getImplementationClassName

        public String getImplementationClassName()
        Get implementation class name
        name of the Java class which implements this command.
      • create

        public TextBuiltin create()
        Create an instance of the command implementation
        a new instance of the command implementation.