Class NLS

  • public class NLS
    extends Object
    The purpose of this class is to provide NLS (National Language Support) configurable per thread.

    The setLocale(Locale) method is used to configure locale for the calling thread. The locale setting is thread inheritable. This means that a child thread will have the same locale setting as its creator thread until it changes it explicitly.

    Example of usage:

     TransportText t = NLS.getBundleFor(TransportText.class);
    • Field Detail


        public static final Locale ROOT_LOCALE
        The root locale constant. It is defined here because the Locale.ROOT is not defined in Java 5
    • Method Detail

      • setLocale

        public static void setLocale​(Locale locale)
        Sets the locale for the calling thread.

        The getBundleFor(Class) method will honor this setting if it is supported by the provided resource bundle property files. Otherwise, it will use a fall back locale as described in the TranslationBundle

        locale - the preferred locale
      • useJVMDefaultLocale

        public static void useJVMDefaultLocale()
        Sets the JVM default locale as the locale for the calling thread.

        Semantically this is equivalent to NLS.setLocale(Locale.getDefault()).

      • clear

        public static void clear()
        Release resources held by NLS