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    public static interface RepositoryCache.Key
    Abstract hash key for RepositoryCache entries.

    A Key instance should be lightweight, and implement hashCode() and equals() such that two Key instances are equal if they represent the same Repository location.

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        Repository open​(boolean mustExist)
                 throws IOException,
        Called by if it doesn't exist yet.

        If a repository does not exist yet in the cache, the cache will call this method to acquire a handle to it.

        mustExist - true if the repository must exist in order to be opened; false if a new non-existent repository is permitted to be created (the caller is responsible for calling create).
        the new repository instance.
        IOException - the repository could not be read (likely its core.version property is not supported).
        RepositoryNotFoundException - There is no repository at the given location, only thrown if mustExist is true.