Interface GpgSignatureVerifier.SignatureVerification

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static interface GpgSignatureVerifier.SignatureVerification
    A SignatureVerification returns data about a (positively or negatively) verified signature.
    • Method Detail

      • getSigner

        String getSigner()
        Obtains the signer as stored in the signature, if known.
        the signer, or null if unknown
      • getKeyFingerprint

        String getKeyFingerprint()
        Obtains the short or long fingerprint of the public key as stored in the signature, if known.
        the fingerprint, or null if unknown
      • getKeyUser

        String getKeyUser()
        Obtains the OpenPGP user ID associated with the key.
        the user id, or null if unknown
      • isExpired

        boolean isExpired()
        Tells whether the public key used for this signature verification was expired when the signature was created.
        true if the key was expired already, false otherwise
      • getVerified

        boolean getVerified()
        Tells whether the signature verification was successful.
        true if the signature was verified successfully; false if not.
      • getMessage

        String getMessage()
        Obtains a human-readable message giving additional information about the outcome of the verification.
        the message, or null if none set.