Class LfsConfig

  • public class LfsConfig
    extends Object
    Encapsulate access to the .lfsconfig.

    According to the git lfs documentation the order to find the .lfsconfig file is:

    1. in the root of the working tree
    2. in the index
    3. in the HEAD; for bare repositories this is the only place that is searched

    Values from the .lfsconfig are used only if not specified in another git config file to allow local override without modifiction of a committed file.

    See Also:
    Configuration options for git-lfs
    • Constructor Detail

      • LfsConfig

        public LfsConfig​(Repository db)
        Create a new instance of the LfsConfig.
        db - the associated repo
    • Method Detail

      • getString

        public String getString​(String section,
                                String subsection,
                                String name)
                         throws IOException
        Get string value or null if not found. First tries to find the value in the git config files. If not found tries to find data in .lfsconfig.
        section - the section
        subsection - the subsection for the value
        name - the key name
        a String value from the config, null if not found