Class CorruptLongObjectException

    • Constructor Detail

      • CorruptLongObjectException

        public CorruptLongObjectException​(AnyLongObjectId id,
                                          AnyLongObjectId contentHash,
                                          String message)
        Corrupt long object detected.
        id - id of the long object
        contentHash - hash of the long object's content
        message - a String object.
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        public AnyLongObjectId getId()
        Get the id of the object.
        the id of the object, i.e. the expected hash of the object's content
      • getContentHash

        public AnyLongObjectId getContentHash()
        Get the contentHash.
        the actual hash of the object's content which doesn't match the object's id when this exception is thrown which signals that the object has been corrupted