Class RepeatRule

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    public class RepeatRule
    extends Object
    implements org.junit.rules.TestRule
    TestRule which enables to run the same JUnit test repeatedly. Add this rule to the test class
     public class MyTest {
            public RepeatRule repeatRule = new RepeatRule();
    and annotate the test to be repeated with the @Repeat(n=<repetitions>) annotation
     @Repeat(n = 100)
     public void test() {
    then this test will be repeated 100 times. If any test execution fails test repetition will be stopped.
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      • RepeatRule

        public RepeatRule()
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        public org.junit.runners.model.Statement apply​(org.junit.runners.model.Statement statement,
                                                       org.junit.runner.Description description)
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        apply in interface org.junit.rules.TestRule